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thank you for being alive

Rose: I know, girls. Let's make a pact that we'll always take care of each other, that we'll never desert each other, no matter what.

Blanche: You can count on me, honey.

Dorothy: Do you think it's going to be that easy getting rid of me, Rose? That was rhetorical, Rose. Ah, but what a comforting thought, knowing you'll never be alone.

Blanche: And listen, what the hell. If we do have to go to a nursing home, let's all go together!

Rose: What happens when there's only one of us left?

Sophia: Don't worry. I can take care of myself.
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he's under there

When you guys develop digital prints online, which service do you use? I've used Snapfish in the past, but I found them to be only so-so, and I'm hoping there's another service I'm not aware of.
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when i'm lonely she makes me feel nice

vice versa

Okay, can someone please tell me what happened in the last minute of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Because, despite the fact that the DVR was set to record until 10:01 and thus made me miss the first few minutes of other shows I wanted to record starting at 10:00, I STILL MISSED THE LAST FUCKING MINUTE OF THE EPISODE. Not to mention to the previews, kill me now. Thanks, DVR. Thank you huge.
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academy award nominee melissa leo

contact your prescriber

There are lots of things I could update about, but will I ever? Unlikely. However, I have to mention that my car is totally paid off! I thought I had until September for my payments, but the last one was June 15. \o/
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bumper cars and wolverines

i have had 143 relationships

Oh, internets. Shortly after my last post, I got my second wind and bought a wrench, then went home. I fucked around with the painting a little more and put together one of the two chairs, during which time I jammed a screwdriver into my thumb (my recommendation? don't do that). I was anxious to see how the chair would look with the table, so I opened the table box and discovered...that I hadn't purchased the right table. I thought about keeping it, but it was really ugly, and I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be used outside. So what did I do? That's right, I went BACK TO IKEA FOR THE SECOND TIME TODAY. I DIDN'T LIKE THAT ASSEMBLY. I THOUGHT YOU GUYS KNEW THAT.

Anyway, at this moment, all is well. I got the right table, and now I'm back at superpana's mom's house. I really want a glass of wine, but I'm sort of too tired to move.
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academy award nominee melissa leo

i have "because of you" stuck in my head. i don't even like that song. :(

Ah, the weekend. superpana is out of town, so I've been oddly productive today. I'm housesitting at her mom's (they're all gone together), and I've been up since 6:30. That part, uh, wasn't in the plans, but I got up to let the dogs out and was just sort of awake. Being up at 6:30 on a Saturday is pretty lame because you can't actually DO anything. I fucked around on the internets and did a little knitting, then couldn't take it anymore and went for coffee, and then started my errands.

I got to IKEA 20 minutes before they open, people. There were a bunch of people already there waiting, actually, and they let us and our carts inside of the store, and we had to wait in line behind a velvet rope while an IKEA employee stood by, checking her watch every few minutes and making sure nobody got out of hand. It was sort of ridiculous, and sort of a weird display of consumerism that I wasn't entirely comfortable with. Then the employee unhooked the velvet rope and let us in, and I got over it.

I bought a white table and two chairs for our weird little outside "patio" area, then went to Target and Home Depot (originally typed as "Hope Depot"; fairly appropriate, no?) and purchased various necessary itema before heading to my house and painting a tiny hallway wall red. Why do I keep thinking it's fun to paint in vibrant colors, i.e. orange and red? It's fun to HAVE vibrant colors in your house, but the actual painting? Not so much. Actually, other than cleaning out the litter box, painting and assembling furniture are possibly my least-favorite household chores. And yet, this is why I set myself up for. On the bright (?) side, I am the world's worst lesbian and do not have a wrench, so no furniture was actually asembled today. I should probably go back to Hope Depot and remedy this, but I did more between the hours of 6:30 and 12:00 than I'd planned to do all day, so the furniture will have to wait. I'll have to figure something out tomorrow, though, since the painting and furniture are surprises for the Mrs., and I'd like everything to be ready when she gets home on Monday night.

Now I am sitting in superpana's mom's backyard, winding yarn into a ball and hoping I didn't make too many typos in this post; it's almost too sunny out here to see.
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academy award nominee melissa leo

you've got my number

I CANNOT BELIEVE that no one has uploaded the new Ryan Adams record in places I can see. What the fuck is that about? I feel like the internets have failed me.
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everything that you made by hand

put both these inside

Since I woke up an hour and a half ago, I have:

  • Gone to the grocery store

  • Baked two dozen chocolate chip cookies (and left some dough in the fridge, just for the hell of it)

  • Arranged two decorative vases for the house

  • Hung a picture and a sconce

And now I'm going to knit a sock.
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bumper cars and wolverines


I seem to have accidentally deleted the Whiskeytown song, "Here's to the Rest of the World" from my computer. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Can someone please, please upload it for me?
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